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13-26.AUG.2019. Bobby McFerrin. Circlesongs

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13-26.AUG.2019. Bobby McFerrin. Circlesongs

If you love to sing, you're invited to join Circlesongs for seven joy-filled daysof improvised music-making with the legendary vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin and his inspiring team of master teachers. If you are new to Circlesinging, we also offer a two-day program of fun and games for all singers, which is especially perfect for beginners.

Bobby will be joined by his gifted team of Circlesinger/teachers—including David Worm, Judi Vinar, Rhiannon, Joey Blake, Christiane Karam, Zuza Gonçalves, Rizumik (Tiago Grade), Gaël Aubrit, and other members of this thriving global singing tribe.

Throughout this Circlesinging adventure, you build confidence and trust, nurture your creativity, and discover new approaches and techniques for improvisation. The program features large and small group sessions, experimentation at all levels, and peer-group electives that might include harmony, body percussion, vocal embodiment techniques, and more.

While developing the traditional skills required for ensemble singing, Circlesongs also is a direct and intuitive experience that builds the fundamentals of musicianship. The program is transformational for singers, teachers, group facilitators, instrumentalists, conductors, or anyone who loves to sing. Every song, every voice has a place in the circle.

August 16-23


This joyful 7-day workshop focuses on deepening musical skills, creativity and community. It is ideal for everyone who loves to sing.

August 23-25


This lively 2-day workshop, filled with fun and games, is open to anyone who wants to sing, especially beginners.

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