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2019.MAR.16. TM. Capcana Club. Persona

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2019.MAR.16. TM. Capcana Club. Persona PERSONA live in Capcana
Gasiti biletele online, aici: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-concert-persona-in-club-capcana-40343/



PERSONA se caracterizeaza ca fiind un peisaj urban de sunete și sentimente mixte, energie pură și vibrație pozitivă, linii de bas sofisticate și tobe explozive sau calde, nostalgie dar și optimism, rock-n-roll rafinat.

Albumul lor Suburbia Afterlife din 2010 combina stilul pop cu rock-n-roll și funk, fiind o colecție specială de melodii, fiecare cu propria sa poveste și identitate. Muzica lor a fost primita atât de bine încât au fost invitati la cele mai importante festivaluri romanesti: Stufstock, B’estfest, Peninsula, UnderLondon, Revolution Festival, unde au împartit scena cu nume mari din muzica internațională precum dEUS, The Charlatans, The Ting Tings, Tricky, Santana, Parov Stelar, DubFX, Robots in Disguise, Trash Fashion, The Swan Bride (SK) sau Amber Smith (HU). În străinătate, PERSONA a cantat de două ori la faimosul Club "A38" din Budapesta și în Germania la Festivalul Firefield din Brunswick, Gelnhausen și Berlin.

Dupa o pauza de 3 ani de la scena muzicala, in 2018 PERSONA s-a intors cu un spectacol exclusivist pentru "Revolution Festival" Timisoara, impreuna cu lansarea unui nou single 100 Lies. Planurile trupei pentru 2019 includ noi melodii și lansarea unui nou album muzical.

Intrare concert: 20 lei

Bilete online: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-concert-persona-in-club-capcana-40343/

Eveniment Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/294991034525231/



PERSONA [per-soh-nuh] : the mask or façade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation or the environment and not representing the inner personality of the individual; the public personality (contrasted with anima).
Beautiful urban landscapes of sounds and mixed feelings, quiet introspection, pure energy and positive vibe, sophisticated bass lines and explosive or warm drums, nostalgia, but optimism also, rock and roll in its raw, beautiful energy, yet refined form are overlapping in their songs, defining the Persona aesthetics, making their audience explore different degrees of emotional intensity through their music. The band’s music is, indeed, one of British influence, but cannot be strictly labeled – the musical background and influences of each of the members, refined by the experience and artistic maturity – all blend together in the PERSONA genre.
Discography: “Suburbia Afterlife”( 2010, EMG Records Germany)
Persona's Suburbia Afterlife album charts the band's creative musical journey from their beginning and contains 10 of the best songs written by the band. Combining raw guitar playing with synths and pop melodies, with a touch of good old rock'n'roll and funk, Suburbia Afterlife reveals itself to the listener not much as a "concept-album”, but more like a collection of songs, each one with its own identity.
Apart from a huge number of club gigs in Romania’s major cities, Persona has played at the most important Romanian open air festivals (Stufstock, B’estfest, Peninsula, UnderLondon, Revolution Festival, etc) sharing the same stage with bands as dEUS, The Charlatans, The Ting Tings, Tricky, Santana, Parov Stelar, DubFX, Robots in Disguise, Trash Fashion, The Swan Bride (SK) or Amber Smith (HU).
Abroad, Persona played twice at the famous Budapest “A38” Club and also in Germany, at Firefield Festival in Brunswick, Gelnhausen and Berlin.
After a 3 years break from the music scene, in 2018 Persona returned with an exclusive show for „Revolution Festival” Timisoara, altogether with a video release of a new single, „100 Lies”, filmed and edited by „Electronic Resistance”. Also, „Miscommunication” track was recorded live at U-Man shop Timisoara, for „Made in TM” annual compilation, and will be released on vinyl sometime in 2019.
Meanwhile, new songs were written, work still in progress, songs that will be featured on the upcoming album.

// GABEN | vocals/guitars
// COCO | bass
// HORATIU | drums
// VLAD | synths/keyboards/acoustic guitar
// DJ MACK | turntables
Visit PERSONA on:
Web: www.personamusic.eu | www.enjoypersona.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bandpersona
YouTube: www.youtube.com/personaband
Facebook Twitter MySpace  

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