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NEW SINGLE. Leif Erikson. Second Curve

Publicat in: 24.03.2019, 06:29AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Beatnik Creative, Indie Rock, Leif Erikson, Second Curve
NEW SINGLE. Leif Erikson. Second Curve
Artist: Leif Erikson
Title: Second Curve
Genre: Indie Rock
Format: DL/Stream
UK Release Date: Out Now

Leif Erikson’s new single, ‘Second Curve’ is available now. The release follows a period of experimentation and regrouping for the band, whose transatlantic, emotive and effortlessly-accomplished work to date is the result of five unique life journeys, brought together under the namesake of a little-known Icelandic explorer. Throughout, lead singer and guitarist Sam Johnston’s socially conscious lyrics continue to project a disarming honesty.

‘Second Curve’ was written “about a mathematical notion… it starts with a theorem that produces something called a sigmoid curve. The general idea is that in different situations you initially have to put in more than you get back, but then that after a period of unrequited investment, you start to get a return and the curve rises. It will eventually reach an apex and the return will start to decline. The trick is to spot the apex and start another curve just before".

"It's about looking around and looking ahead, being aware of long-term futures and not just the present. It's a philosophy that I'm trying to implement in my own life at the moment. I tried to capture the second curve in the lyrics as well as the music, see if you can hear it.”
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