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NEW SINGLE. Skinshape. I Didn’t Know

Publicat in: 03.12.2018, 06:27AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Filoxiny, I Didnt Know, Lewis Recordings, Skinshape, William Dorey
NEW SINGLE. Skinshape. I Didn’t Know
Second single from forthcoming ‘Filoxiny’ album

Artist: Skinshape
Title: I Didn’t Know
Label: Lewis Recordings
Format: Digital Download/Stream
Genre: Psyche/Soul/Jazz/Groove/Funk..keep going!
UK Release Date: 9 November 2018
Impact Date: 7 November 2018
Skinshape is the project of British musician William Dorey. The sound has roots in many genres but in particular 1960s-0s Funk, Soul, Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Afrobeat and Folk.

Skinshape grew out of a love for old music and the way it sounded. InitiallyDorey experimented with samples (especially drum breaks) to create instrumental Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop tracks but then later started to play around with tape machines as a means to create his own 'samples'. This process gave birth to Skinshape with all elements being recorded by Dorey since the first self-titled album released in 2014. He released his second album Oracolo in 2015 followed by Life & Love in 2017.

Aside from the Skinshape project Dorey was bassist for the band Palace from 2014-2017 and also runs a reggae label called Horus Records based in North London.
About I Didn’t Know from Dorey himself:
“This is the most 'pop' song I've possibly ever made, and possibly the most 'modern' sounding. It is about being in a difficult relationship and not knowing how to deal with it and making mistakes as a result. I wrote and recorded most of the song around the drum pattern, and created some (terrible sounding) digital orchestral parts temporarily whilst I created the body of the song. I recorded the strings and horns in the last part of the recording process before doing the final mixes. Theyhorns were recorded separately with the help of my long-time friend (since school) and master arranger Jon Moody (of the groupFranc Moody).”
For fans of Khruangbin, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra.
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