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NEW RELEASE. INHUME Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition

Publicat in: 01.11.2018, 06:17AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Exhume, Exhume: 25 Years Of Decomposition, Inhume, Xenokorp Records
NEW RELEASE. INHUME Exhume: 25 Years of DecompositionINHUME
Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition 

7 December 2018

From the start on 25 years ago as a nine-piece, INHUME have always aimed for the most brutal, most intense and most disturbing, blending influences from 80’s proto-Goregrind / Grindcore and early 90’s brutal Death Metal and, release after release, they’ve proven a horde of bloodthirsty fans they’re one of the leading forces of the Death / Grind scene worldwide.

“Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition”, the brand new collection of all of their demos, splits (with BLOOD, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, S.M.E.S., SUPPOSITORY and MUMAKIL) and tribute tracks (REGURGITATE, REPULSION…) so far, is not only celebrating the band’s quarter of a century history but, starting and ending (for the studio part) with the song “Tiamat” from both 1995 and 2009, it’s also a demonstration if one was needed, that INHUME have always not only aimed for the throat, but have also constantly been resharpening their weapons, making them deadlier with each new version.

Also adding previously unreleased ten years old pre-production material for the band’s latest full-length “Moulding the Deformed” and three rare live tracks from 1997, “Exhume” has been compiled and remastered at CONKRETE Studio (DEFEATED SANITYMERCYLESSPUTRID OFFAL…) and comes with a re-worked version of the band’s “The Missing Limb” 1997 demo artwork and a booklet full of detailed liner notes, classic pictures, flyers, etc., making it a mandatory addition to all Death / Grind fans collection!


  • Doorus VAN OOIJ – Vocals (24-32)
  • Johan DIRKX – Vocals (1-23, 33-34)
  • Joost SILVRANTS – Vocals (1-34)
  • Ben JANSSEN – Guitars (11-34)
  • Harold GIELEN – Guitars (20-25)
  • Richard ELBISCH – Guitars (1-19, 33-34)
  • Loek PEETERS – Bass (1-34)
  • Roel SANDERS – Drums


  • 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print [XKR019CDLE]
  • Digital [XKR019D]



  • All music and lyrics by INHUME, except:
    • Genital Cancer” by REGURGITATE
    • Acid Bath” by REPULSION
    • Corporation Pull-In” by TERRORIZER
  • Tracks 1-10 from “Demo I” [demo, 1995]
  • Tracks 11-19 from “The Missing Limb” [demo, 1997]
  • Tracks 12, 13 & 19 also from split with BLOOD [1997]
  • Track 20 from “Comaback of Goregods” [tribute to REGURGITATE, 2001]
  • Tracks 21-23 from “Dutch Assault” [split with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, S.M.E.S. & SUPPOSITORY, 2003]
  • Tracks 24-25 from “Slimewave Series 6” [split with MUMAKIL, 2007]
  • Track 26 from “Tribute to REPULSION” [2009]
  • Tracks 27-32 previously unreleased “Moulding the Deformed” pre-production, [2009]
  • Tracks 33-34 from “Enjoying the Violence” [split live demo with MUNDO DE MERDA, 1997]
  • Original artwork by Misja Baas, 1997
  • Artwork rework and layout by Ben JANSSEN
  • Produced by INHUME
  • Remastered by Frédéric MOTTE at CONKRETE Studio
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP Records
  • All original songs published by ALIEN FORCES Publshing. Reproduced with kind permission.
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