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NEW RELEASE. Madison Washington. Facts

Publicat in: 05.11.2018, 06:14AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Facts, Madison Washington, Malik Ameer, Thatmanmonkz
NEW RELEASE. Madison Washington. Facts
‘That Brilliantness of Hip-Hop’ – Gilles Peterson

Madison Washington is a rap group composed of thatmanmonkz: Producer/DJ from Sheffield England & Malik Ameer: M.C./poet from Oakland, CA (that spent too much time in NY, NY & now lives in Paris).

In line with Black History MonthMadison Washington release their debut full length album, ((((FACTS))))). A collage of the contemporary global underground community of resistant poets, rappers, activist, musicians, artists and tech-nerds as they currently exist in Paris, London, Belgium, Sheffield, Oakland, New York & well, anywhere else in the cosmos where any individual being feels the urge to carry on the Abolitionists traditions.
The seriousness of life is often expressed through the use of music and humour- here,((((FACTS))))) draws together poets, musicians and artists in a collab’ that explores modern-day slavery while providing a path for listeners to join in and explore their own place in all of it. Inspired by the historical Madison Washington (who led the first and only successful slave rebellion in the U.S.), Malik Ameer raps on behalf of the contemporary, and possibly future, runaway slaves. Hence, ((((FACTS)))) attempts to articulate the contemporary abolitionist’s modus operandi in regards to slavery past and present, from the mutiny of slave ships to the hacking of algorithms and microchips...

Madison Washington's eclectic, yet fully cohesive sound is reflective of the group's lifelong listener-ship of Hip-Hop, and has drawn favourable comparison with the likes of Outkast and Public Enemy. Their sound and style takes inspiration from the genre's origins all the way through to more contemporary stylings, whilst drawing heavily on Jazz, P Funk, and cinematic soundscaping. Their early works brought them the attention of Def Pressé, an imprint based in London, England, who's first release was the duo's "Code Switchin" EP in Summer 2017. Lead tracks "Code Switchin'(North Star Bop)" and "Monarchy" brought them attention and airplay from Gilles Peterson, and subsequently his colleagues at BBCR6. A live session was recorded for his R6 radio show, and the pair also took over his Worldwide FM show as guest hosts during that Autumn. The interview at Gilles Peterson, aired on BBC 6 Music, is probably the best introduction to the group. The story is outlined by Malik, as he is interviewed on the show -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HWxnc5ma9o

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