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ALBUM NOU. The Flying Detachment. Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud

Publicat in: 10.10.2018, 06:10AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Eyes In The Stars Life In The Mud, The Flying Detachment
ALBUM NOU. The Flying Detachment. Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud

The Flying Detachment se pregatesc sa lanseze albumul de debut pe 22 octombrie, intitulat “Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud”. Cu aceasta ocazie, trupa a facut disponibil primul single.

 Piesa “Seventh Way” poate fi ascultata pe youtube la urmatorul link:

Trupa a declarat:

“Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud” is everyone’s journey deep into the abyss of uncertainty. We dive into the unknown because we want to change for the better (“Eyes in the Stars”) even though we “live in the mud”.  Sometimes we decide to take action (“Seventh Way”), other times we’re just dreaming of doing the right things even though we’re not (“Resting the Bone”). In the search for meaning we discover we are equally capable to surrender to love (“Under the Tide”) or be consumed by hate (“2:58”). We are in control of our own mind and fate on the fantastic journey of life (“Hypno King”) or we spiral further down in chaos (“Ghost in the Pill”)....”

Albumul de debut, intitulat “Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud” va fi lansat pe 22 octombrie. Materialul a fost inregistrat la City Studio si Dark Father Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mix-ul a fost facut de Emil Petkov si Boyko Petkov la Three Paws House si City Studio, iar master-ul de Alan Douches la West West Side Music.

Artwork-ul albumului este facut de Sofia Zasheva pe baza unui fotografii facute la Wildlife Learning Center in California cu Zeus, bufnita oarba.


  1. 01. Cold Glass Movement
  2. 02. Seventh Way
  3. 03. Hypno King
  4. 04. Under the Tide
  5. 05. Eyes in the Stars
  6. 06. 02:58
  7. 07. Resting the Bone
  8. 08. Ghost in the Pill
  9. 09. Life in the Mud

Trupa s-a infiintat in 2014, reusind sa schiteze rapid un sunet ce se inscrie in zona heavy stoner. Trupa a cantat alaturi de Planet of Zeus, Sasquatch, 1000mods, Mother Engine si Corecom, iar in momentul de fata se pregatesc sa lanseze primul album din cariera. The Flying Detachment au concertat in Bucuresti, la Quantic Club cu ocazia SoundArt Festival 2018 in luna mai.

Pagini oficiale The Flying Detachment:

Bandcamp: https://theflyingdetachment.bandcamp....

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFlyingDet... 

Instagram: @flyingdetachment 


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