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NEW RELEASE. Jordan Reyne. Bardo

Publicat in: 24.09.2018, 06:34AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Bardo, Jordan Reyne
NEW RELEASE. Jordan Reyne. Bardo
** New Album!
pre-orders now open.

If you are wondering how this happened, seeing as I am retired and all, it's a long story (the new album is called "Bardo," which is a bit of a hint at the transformation I needed to undergo to get back to who I am)/ One of the the game-changers came when I saw the real care, support and fondness for my music came through after posting something on facebook.

So it's small steps, in a way that makes sense, motivated by the love of doing this for you guys, and minus the striving to find a wider audience that made things so hard last time.

Head to BANDCAMP (https://jordanreyne.bandcamp.com/) to pre-order. If you have supported me before on bandcamp, there should be a 25% discount code in your inbox from my bandcamp list that counts for digital copies for the next week.
The physical CD is up a discounted price for the first week of pre-orders. The first 100 copies will be numbered and signed. From there on, all copies will still be signed, but not numbered. After September 16, CDs will go to full price (€12). This is a FULL LENGTH album, although only three tracks are currently up for preview.

Thank you all so much for being on this list, and for your support of indie music and indie musicians. Without you, we really would not exist!
May your days be full of good people too.

X Jordan

** Order Below At Bandcamp

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