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Etichete: Best Other-worldly Album, Brian Kastan, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Karl Latham, Thread
Thread is the newest improv band on the New York jazz-experimental scene.  This trio, comprised of three heavy hitters—guitarist Brian Kastan, bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan and drummer Karl Latham—easily stretches the musical imagination.  

Thread, just released a self-titled double album in 2018.  It is filled with evolving grooves that show off the pulsing improvisational skills of this dynamic trio.  Thread gives us a groove that never stops—switching from funk, jazz, rock, blues to the odd metered avant garde. Thread’s musicians are gently intertwined.  Like actual thread, this trio engages pushing, pulling, and weaving playful sounds into fully realized compositions.  The critics say, Thread gets 2018 PICK for Best Other-Worldly Album.
Karl Latham is known for his exceptional ability to dig into a variety of musical styles, playing funk, rock, Latin, modern jazz, straight-ahead jazz, and avant-garde.  Karl is known in the global jazz community for his work with Big Fun(K) with Don Braden, Johannes Mossinger Quartet with (Joel Frahm and Calvin Jones), Wolfgang Lackerschmid Connection, Ali Ryerson, John Lee, Jerry Vivino,  Howard Paul and many appearances with renowned bassist Mark Egan.  Karl was nominated for "Constellations"  with Mark Egan and Ryan Carniaux for the BMW 2016 Welt Jazz Award.
Brian Kastan is a guitarist, electric bass player, and composer known for releasing 12 albums. A virtuoso, he is best known for his self-developed hybrid finger picking technique on guitar, and laying down big fat bass grooves. Brian is known in the jazz community for his work with Grammy Winning Vocalist Miles Griffith, Steve Rust, and  Peter O'Brien. Brian’s albums range from hard hitting Jazz fusion, rock, solo guitar, acoustic singer-songwriter, and anything in between. 

Brian Kastan composed music for T.V. and film working with  Robert Loggia-Nominated for Academy Award, Martin Kove, (Karate Kid/Rambo) .Plus played guitar for Nonsuch Record Label, Rhys Cantham's "The Grissom Grail", Recorded Live at Lincoln Center

Bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan has toured internationally and throughout the US.  He is the recipient of various Arts Awards through the New York State Congress, Senate Proclamation, Assembly and Municipality.  Christopher is a highly versed bassist of many musical languages from Jazz, Afro-Latin to contemporary genres.
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