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NEW RELEASE. Antonio Gómez. Lights, Camera, Version!

Publicat in: 22.05.2018, 06:19AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Antonio Gómez, Kim Plainfield, Lights Camera Version
NEW RELEASE. Antonio Gómez. Lights, Camera, Version!
Lights, Camera, Version! is a tribute album to the most popular soundtracks in the history of film such as “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “The Magnificent Seven” or “Mission: Impossible”. The value of this recording lies not only in its musicians, some of them internationally acclaimed, but also in the original arrangements made by Antonio Gómez by transforming the orchestral format of the original themes into jam beat with different styles of popular urban music, jazz and also flamenco.

This album is dedicated to the memory of the great drummer, teacher and friend Kim Plainfield who passed away a year ago with whom I had the privilege of studying at The Collective School of Music and recording a song for this album.

Another important artist that appears in this record is the flautist and saxophonist Jorge Pardo (Paco de Lucia, Chick Corea)

This is the complete list of Musicians that appear on this album:

Antonio Gómez

Producción / Production Arreglos / Arrengements Guitarras / Guitars

Bajo / Bass (4,6,7,11) Programaciones / Programming (1,2,3,8,11) 

Jorge Pardo

Flauta / Flute (3)

Santi Ibarretxe

Flauta / Flute (9)

Octavio Santos

Violonchelo / Cello (12)

Arecio Smith

Órgano Hammond

/ Hammond Organ (9)

Jose María Pedraza “Petaca”

Piano / Piano (10) Teclados / Keyboard (2,3,4)

Ramón García

Teclados / Keyboard (6)

Bob Quaranta

Piano / Piano (5)

Francesco Beccaro

Bajo / Bass (5)

Joan Masana

Bajo / Bass (1,3,9)

Guillermo Morente

Contrabajo / Double Bass (12)

Juan San Martín

Bajo / Bass (2,10)

David León

Coproducción / Co-Production Percusión / Percussion (7)

Batería / Drums (1,4,6,8,11) Cajón & Palmas / Cajón & Clapping (3)

José San Martín

Batería / Drums (2,10)

Pancho Brañas

Batería / Drums (9)

Kim Plainfield

Batería / Drums (5)

Epi Pacheco

Palmas / Clapping (3) 

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