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NEW RELEASE. Pan Amsterdam. Plus One

Publicat in: 08.03.2018, 06:55AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Def Pressé, Elevator Music, Pan Amsterdam, Plus One
NEW RELEASE. Pan Amsterdam. Plus One
Artist: Pan Amsterdam
Title: Plus One
Label: Def Pressé
Release Date: March 2nd 2018
Impact Date: March 30th 2018
Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl EP/Mini-Album
We really don't know exactly where Pan Amsterdam comes from. He was found on the coast of Miami, Florida in a state of apparent amnesia. However, we've been able to compile some information on him though we are still some way from connecting all of the dots... 

When Pan Amsterdam washed up on the coast, he was wearing an oversized black velvet jacket with a cigarette burn, black jeans and two different coloured church socks. Further along the coast we found a trumpet case WITH a trumpet inside of it, in the case's side zipper there was a mouthpiece, valve oil for the horn, and a drive with masking tape on. Written on the tape were the words, "Elevator Music".

Pan Amsterdam must have been unconscious on the coast 23hrs before he was discovered by rock icon and "Godfather of Punk", Iggy Pop. When Iggy revived Pan Am, his first words were "Washgood, put me on Plus One". He stated "Calvin got a job", though he insisted he didn't want the job Calvin already had. 
Clearly from the U.S.A, with a North Eastern American accent, we haven't been able to pinpoint his exact birthplace; Brooklyn conceivably, Manhattan maybe, Jersey perchance? 
It didn't take too long to notice that Pan Am had a knack for making words rhyme as he talked, even in regular conversation, no doubt a result of his trauma. He took to some Wu Tang that Iggy was spinning. An expert in vintage beat making, thatmanmonkz was called in. Along with thatmanmonkzDef Pressé made a suitable home for Pan Amsterdam. His first cut is "Plus One", world premiered by Iggy Pop on "The Iggy Confidential Show" (BBC6 Music).

As for why Pan Am was found at sea we don't fully know. Most recently we are investigating a tip-off that a Jazz trumpet player was lost at sea, having jumped ship from a Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz cruise.
Plus One is the first single taken from the forthcoming projectThe Pocket Watch.
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