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NEW MOVIE. Dubioza Kolektiv: Film for Kids and Adults

Publicat in: 13.02.2018, 14:21PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Bosnia And Herzegovina, Dubioza Kolektiv, Film For Kids And Adults, Midhat Mujkić
NEW MOVIE. Dubioza Kolektiv: Film for Kids and AdultsOnce upon a time in a faraway land called Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of friends decided to form a band. But this was not an ordinary band and it was not created in an ordinary circumstance. Truth to be told, along with the local Balkan flavours, musical influences came from all over the world (ska, punk, reggae, electro, hip-hop). However, at that time and at that place, music was non-existent as an industry. There were only few concerts per year and there was no room for a cultural or political expression among the young people. In fact, the whole region was engulfed in a deep moral and economical paralysis. This was the environment Dubioza Kolektiv emerged from.
Today, fifteen years later, Dubioza Kolektiv presents to you their first documentary called Film for Kids and Adults.
“In part the film is directly connected with the making and recording of the new album called ‘Songs for Kids and Grownups’ so it was logical that we name it ‘Film for Kids and Grownups’. For all those under 12 years of age, we would like to say that the film does not fall under “parental control” category, so they are free to watch it. And even for two or three times if they want to”, said Dubioza in their own unique style. 
“Everybody thinks that making an album is some kind of a romantic undertaking in which muses silently whisper into our ear a sweet inspiration out of which new songs emerge, but the truth is a bit different…”  is the sentence with which Brano Jakubovic introduces the audience to the first documentary story by Dubioza Kolektiv.

This is not a film about the origin of the band, but above all it tells a story about the making of the last album, how the cooperation with various guests occurred, how they came to support CSCS from Slovenia and many more interesting stories.
Directed by Midhat Mujkić, editor, photographer and director, who worked on films ’10 Minutes’ and ‘Belvedere’ by Ahmed Imamović, ‘Sevdah for Karim’ by Jasmin Duraković, and on the films by Pjer Žalica and Srđan Vuletić.
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