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RE-RELEASE. The Lightmen, Free As You Wanna Be

Publicat in: 06.02.2018, 06:40AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Free As You Wanna Be, Jazz, Now-again, The Lightmen
RE-RELEASE. The Lightmen, Free As You Wanna Be
Artist: The Lightmen
Title: ’Free As You Wanna Be’
Label: Now-Again
Genre: Jazz      
Format: Vinyl LP

Revolutionary, spiritual jazz from the unlikely city of Houston, Texas, 
reissued for the first time.

Download card for WAV files and video for a series of early 1970s musical performances included.

Drummer, bandleader and activist Bubbha Thomas had toured America with R&B revues, served as a session musician for Peacock and Back Beat Records, and played straight ahead jazz with legends before the political and social upheaval of the late 1960s led him to a path first charted by Coltrane.

‘Free As You Wanna Be’ predates the deep-set, maverick jazz issued by the likes of Tribe and Strata East and is a harbinger of the best of the 1970s jazz underground, a collective voice of resistance to the musical and cultural status quo.

This is the first time that ‘Free As You Wanna Be’ has seen reissue, and is presented in both the issued stereo and previously unissued mono mixes as a double LP. Bubbha and his band’s story is told in great detail by Houston music and cultural historian Lance Scott Walker (Houston Rap/Houston Rap Tapes) and Now-Again’s Eothen Alapatt, in a booklet that contains dozens of unpublished photographs.

Track List
1. Creative Music
2. Free As You Wanna Be
3. High Pockets
4. Talk Visit
5. May ‘67
6. #109 Psychosomatic
7. Luke 23:32 - 49
8. Creative Music (Mono)
9. Free As You Wanna Be (Mono)
10. High Pockets (Mono)
11. Talk Visit (Mono)
12. May ‘67 (Mono)
13. #109 Psychosomatic (Mono)
14. Luke 23:32 - 49 (Mono)

Vinyl Track List
A1. Creative Music
A2. Free As You Wanna Be
A3. High Pockets
B1. Talk Visit
B2. May ‘67
B3. #109 Psychosomatic
B4. Luke 23:32 - 49
C1. Creative Music (Mono)
C2. Free As You Wanna Be (Mono)
C3. High Pockets (Mono)
D1. Talk Visit (Mono)
D2. May ‘67 (Mono)
D3. #109 Psychosomatic (Mono)
D4. Luke 23:32 - 49 (Mono)
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