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NEW RELEASE. Fameless. Dreams Without a Past

Publicat in: 01.01.2018, 06:20AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Dreams Without A Past, Fameless, The Voice Of Romania, Tiberiu Albu, Vocea Romaniei
NEW RELEASE. Fameless. Dreams Without a Past

Fameless is a Romanian grunge/progressive rock band, formed in 2015 and fronted by Tiberiu Albu, the 2014 winner of "The Voice of Romania". Tiberiu is the first and, so far, the only rock voice to have won the Romanian edition of the famous TV contest and is one of the few worldwide winners of such competitions who chose to continue his career under the name of a band, instead of his own.


The band is comprised of Mihai "Angus" Vasile (guitar), Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu (bass) and Andrei Ilie (drums), all three being skilled and experimented musicians of the country's rock scene. Their musical blend includes grunge, post-grunge, progressive rock, pop and even disco flavours, all of them unified by the vocalist's hoarse timbre, the rich and expansive guitar sound with several Pink Floyd-esque solos, and the rock solid rhythmic background of the drums and bass.


Fameless attracted massive national following in its two years of activity and is currently one the most loved and appreciated new bands in Romanian rock. Their debut single, "Show Me How to Live", was presented in front of 40.000 people at an elite music event and their second song, "For the Love of God", instantly received extensive play on many national radio stations. They are signed with Universal Music Romania and released their debut album, "Dreams Without a Past", on January 27, 2017, with a SOLD-OUT concert at Hard Rock Cafe, in Bucharest. The record was very well received by fans nationwide, while the critics considered it to be one of the best new rock albums in the country.




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