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NEW RELEASE. Nevicate - Shattered

Publicat in: 28.12.2017, 06:12AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Inverse Records, Nevicate, Shattered, Symphonic Metal
NEW RELEASE. Nevicate - Shattered

Release: Nevicate - Shattered

Format: Digital

Release Date: December 11th 2017

Record label: Inverse Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland


Nevicate is a fresh metal band from Joensuu, Finland whose music is a mixture of symphonic tones, pop vibes and electronic elements. Profound keyboard arrangements and tritonal harmonic singing create harmony to balance with the gritty guitar riffs. The lyrics revolve around psychological themes, dealing with fragile human mind and wounds caused by adversity. Nevicate is a blend of feminine power, masculine headbanging and melancholic moodiness.


Nevicate has been active since 2014 when current lead-singer Anni Kokkonen joined the band and they started to compose more of their own music. The band began to gain even more ground in 2015 after participating and getting more encouragement in a project called Rock Academy during which the band developed their own personal sound that reaches both catchy and heavy spheres.


The current band members have a strong musical background which can be heard from their meandering song arrangements and rigorous co-playing. In the music-making process Nevicate exploits both their steady musical knowledge and the emotion and interpretation entailed by years of playing experience. Nevicate’s genre is shaped by the diversity of the members’ musical backgrounds, which also create interesting hues to their music.

The lyrics of ”Shattered” deal with locked-away feelings, wounds caused by negligence and eventually fragmentation of one’s self-image. "Shattered” is produced in collaboration with the production team from the Rock Academy -project that has had professionals from Finnish music industry as visiting mentors. The song is mixed by Nino Laurenne (i.a. Thunderstone & Lost Society) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein & Sonata Arctica). 

Anni Kokkonen - vocals
Lassi Porali - guitar & backing vocals
Lumi Ollila - keyboards & backing vocals
Oskari Hevonkoski - bass
Toni Manninen – drums

Facebook -> https://facebook.com/nevicateband

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