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The Wake (RO) are working with Night in Gales (DE)

Publicat in: 14.12.2017, 06:07AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Earths Necropolis, Loud Rage Music, Night In Gales, The Wake
The Wake (RO) are working with Night in Gales (DE) The two members of the Romanian / German Black Metal band The Wake known as XII (Guitars, Bass, Programming) and (Vocals, Lyrics) will be featured on the upcoming comeback album of German Melodic Death Metal stalwarts Night in GalesThe Last SunsetsXII as full-member and as guest.
The Wake has recently released its debut full length album, Earth's Necropolis, via Loud Rage Music, and the reactions have been overwhelming from both public and press, with German Legacy Magazinerating it 13 out of 15 points and awarding it among the tips of the issue.

Earth's Necropolis is available here: 

http://shop.loudragemusic.com/the-wake-earths-necropolis (jewel-case CD)
https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-wake-earths-necropolis (digital)

The Wake plays black metal having Dissection, Venom and Bathory as main inspiration, but their style reminds of some of the biggest Scandinavian names (Immortal, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral) and shows also a powerful melancholic side, which resembles the British premiere league of dark and depressive music (old Anathema, My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth).


The Wake


Loud Rage Music
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