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NEW RELEASE. Kartikeya. Samudra

Publicat in: 16.10.2017, 06:41AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Apathia Records, Carnatic Metal, Kartikeya Album, Samudra
NEW RELEASE. Kartikeya. Samudra« Samudra » is the new album of Russian Carnatic Metal combo Kartikeya.

Six years after the majestic « Mahayuga », Kartikeya will release their new album named « Samudra » on October 19th, or 27 Ashvina 5119 of Kali Yuga, the holy day of Diwali !

« Samudra » features 14 tracks, and guests appearances by Keith MerrowKarl Sanders (Nile)Sai Shankar, and David Maxim Micic.

  • Artist : Kartikeya
  • Album : Samudra
  • Genre : Carnatic Metal
  • Release date : October 19th
  • Record label : Apathia Records
On October 19, 2017 or 27 Ashvina 5119 of Kali Yuga, the holy day of Diwali, on the day of the Victory of Good over Evil, by the fire of the divine light, the long-awaited third album of carnatic-metal warlords Kartikeya - “Samudra” shall be released.

Signifying the decimal foundation of the Hindu universe and the symbolism of Trimurti - the three highest creator-gods, the ternary power of creation, preservation and destruction, “Samudra” comes out exactly on the same day, after 10 years, as the debut album of Kartikeya - "The Battle Begins".

The new album begins a five-album concept, dedicated to the five nature's elements in the Hindu culture, and the first is water. “Samudra” - in Sanskrit is not just water, it is the accumulation of all the waters of the Earth, the Great Ocean, personified as the God of All Waters.
Accordingly, the music of the band on this album flows and shakes the listener like the mighty waves rising to the skies, then coming down with a huge tide and flowing back with the ebb, leaving the listener's naked soul uncovered to the core of subconsciousness. Majestic and powerful - are the best epithets suitable for the new era of carnatic metal developed by Kartikeya, which has overgrown with coral reefs made of groove, extreme- progressive metal, and Dravidian melodies.

Authentic Indian instruments, a variety of extreme and clean vocal mantras, incredible speed, unconventional massiveness and top-notch quality - all of these shine on the most unexpected and unusual album of 2017 in the world of metal - Kartikeya's third album - “Samudra”. 

May your skies be illuminated by thousands of lights of celestial fireworks!
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