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NEW RELEASE. Perihelion, Örvény

Publicat in: 12.10.2017, 06:31AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Apathia Records, Örvény, Eerie Post Metal, Perihelion
NEW RELEASE. Perihelion, Örvény« Örvény » (Hungarian for “Maelstrom”) is the third album of Hungarian post metallers Perihelion.

The album is to be interpreted as "a single journey with its seven songs seamlessly woven into each other and its lyrics revolving around dreamlike passages towards the subconscious".

Again, all lyrics are completely sung in Hungarian, the band’s native language, which gives this release an exceptionally pure and honest musical approach.

The artwork is a creation of renowned romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, who previously worked for bands like EnslavedArch EnemyLeprous,Mayhem...

For fans of AlcestSólstafirSigur RósAgalloch...

  • Artist : Perihelion
  • Album : Örvény
  • Genre : Eerie Post-Metal
  • Release date : November 10th
  • Record label : Apathia Records
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