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NEW RELEASE. German Oak, Down in the Bunker

Publicat in: 25.09.2017, 06:34AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Down In The Bunker, German Oak, Krautrock, Now-again Reserve, Three Pin Pr
NEW RELEASE. German Oak, Down in the Bunker
Artist: German Oak
Title: Down in the Bunker   
Label: Now-Again Reserve
Genre: Rock/Krautrock
Format: CD/Digital/Vinyl LP

The 6th entry in the Now-Again Reserve Edition series is the definitive reissue of a lauded and misunderstood Krautrock album as well as the first band-sanctioned reissue in the series.
The most mysterious Krautrock album, German Oak's Down in the Bunker has been fetishised and demonised, lauded and misunderstood for nearly four decades. In this definitive Reserve Edition of the album, the German Oak trio - together again after 30 years apart - have approved the remastering of their 70s music; finally tell the story behind the creation of their dark, brooding album - and the occult-obsessed record collector behind the original album's release and its myth - and they share previously unreleased music and photos.
Both the CD and the Vinyl present the album as it was initially released, the previously unreleased full versions of the two main songs on the original album, and other songs by the band, both rare and previously unreleased.

CD Track List:
01. Screaming Skeletons
02. Missile Song
03. Belle's Song
04. Nothing
01. Belle's Song (Extended)
02. Missile Song (Extended)
01. Bear Song
02. Happy Stripes (On Cats)
03. Ghost Guitar
04. Bear Song (Alternate)
05. Harpy & Peregrine
06. Python V.S. Tiger
07. Giant Rock; Boulder Golem
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