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2017.MAR.17. CJ. The Shelter. Orkid

Publicat in: 14.03.2017, 10:29AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Concert Cluj, Orkid, The Shelter
2017.MAR.17. CJ. The Shelter. Orkid
The angry shoegazers that decided to go by the name of Orkid are Vlad Ilicevici – guitars & vocals, Radu Pop – drums, George Frătica – bass, Alexandru Donny Andone - percussion & other bizarre intruments, Cosmin Stanciu - guitar. They have released their first album in October 2016, available here orkid4.bandcamp.com.

The nine tracks that are included on the album are based on 30 years of sensations, ideas, emotions, stories and experiments that Vlad gathered since his first musical experiences – childhood violin & guitar lessons, but also very loud music through the headphones of the most precious thing he owned as a kid, a green Aiwa walkman. Orkid is a cinematic music project, due to the fact that 
Vlad is a film director and producer and Radu (the other founding member of the band)– an animator and visual artist, also responsible for the imagery of the band. They also work together for Animest www.animest.ro and its educational platform, the Animation Worksheep. 

Nevertheless, Orkid is probably their most personal and beloved project.

Band support: 15 RON
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