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NEW RELEASE. Slum Village. The Fan-Tas-Tic 4 CD Set

Publicat in: 14.03.2017, 06:06AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Neastra Music Group, Slum Village, The Fan-tas-tic
NEW RELEASE. Slum Village. The Fan-Tas-Tic 4 CD Set
Artist: Slum Village
Title: The Fan-Tas-Tic CD Set
Label: Ne'Astra Music Group
Release Date: 10th March
Format: 4 CD Set

DISC 1 (FAN-TAS-TIC VOL. 1) - Fantastic 1 - This Beat (Keep It On) - I Don't Know - How We Bull$#!+ - Fat Cat Song - The Look Of Love - Estimate Hoc N Pucky - Beej N Dem - Pregnant - Forth & Back (Rock Music) - Fantastic 2 - Fantastic 3 - This Beat (Keep It On) (Remix) - 5 Ela Remix - Give This Nigga Players - Look Of Love (Remix) - Pregnant - Things U Do (Remix) - Fat Cat Song (Remix) - Fantastic 4
DISC 2 (FAN-TAS-TIC VOL. 2) - Intro - Conant Gardens - I Don't Know - Jealousy - Climax (Girl Sh**) - Tell Me - What's It All About - Forth And Back (Remix) Untitled - Fall In Love - Get Dis Money - CB4 - Players - Once Upon A Time - Eyes Up - 2U4U (Original Mix) - Go Ladies - We Be Dem #1 - We Be Dem #2 Get It Together - Hold Tight (Original Mix) - Once Upon A Time (Original Mix)
DISC 3 (INSTRUMENTALS) - Conant Gardens - Climax (Girl Sh**) - Jealousy - Hold Tight - Tell Me - I Don't Know - Forth And Back - Untitled - Fall In Love Get Dis Money - Raise It Up - Players - Eyes Up - 2U4U - CB4 - Go Ladies - Hustle - Fall In Love (Remix)
DISC 4 (BONUS TRACKS) - Things You Do (Madlib) - Get It Together (Madlib) - Look Of Love (Alt. Remix) - Stupid Ass Lies - The World's Full Of Sadness Hold Tight Remix - What's Love Got To Do With It - Players (Dr. Love) - Once Upon A Time (Pete Rock Remix) - 2U4U (Instrumental) - Hustle (Instrumental) 

This extensive collection from the group's J Dilla-helmed era is a comprehensive overview of 'Fan-Tas-Tic V.1' and 'V.2'.
The contributions of the late Detroit producer James DeWitt Yancey - better known to the world as J Dilla - to the world of Hip-Hop can't be overstated, and nowhere is his legacy more apparent than his work as a member of Slum Village.
A founding member of the trio, alongside rappers T3 and Baatin, Dilla provided the group's distinctly esoteric, free-wheeling sound, built around winding basslines, quirky drumbeats, subtle low-end frequencies, and classic jazz & soul samples. Against the backdrop of Dilla's rich production, T3 and Baatin's free-flowing style of rhyming would also earn wide critical praise, leading to comparisons as the successors to A Tribe Called Quest - a label they themselves have rejected.
Dilla himself went on to earn his own legend of brilliance, inspiring a slew of classic artists like Nas and The Pharcyde, to newcomers like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.
It would be a gratuitous task to encapsulate the full magnificence of the material Dilla produced with Slum Village, but Ne'Astra Media Group have accomplished such a feat, with the arrival of the 'Fan-Tas-Tic Collection': a comprehensive overview of the underground group's Dilla-produced tracks across four compact discs. The CD includes the entirety of the namesake albums 'Fan-Tas-Tic Volumes 1 & 2', instrumental versions, and a bonus fourth collection of remixes and obscurities, featuring collaborations with Madlib Pete Rock, and select cuts from 'Best Kept Secret', the group's rare release under the name J-88.
The 'Fan-Tas-Tic Box' is a veritable crown jewel for any fan of J Dilla or
Slum Village, as well as an outstanding entry-point into the legacy of an underground Hip-Hop production hero.
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