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2017.MAR.2. B. Club Fabrica. Riot Monk. The Wax Road. Wooldozer

Publicat in: 26.02.2017, 06:28AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Club Fabrica, Concert Bucuresti, The Wax Road, Wooldozer
2017.MAR.2. B. Club Fabrica. Riot Monk. The Wax Road. WooldozerThose "Veterans Of The Psychic Wars", ANGLO-SAXON BOOKING AGENCY and ROCK PE PAINE team up for "Some Enchanted Evening" of "Godzilla"-felling guitars, "Shooting Shark" songs and "Eyes On Fire" with psychedelic delight.

Headlining will be those "Agents Of Fortune", RIOT MONK, who promise to have you "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees" with their irrestible melodies, screaming guitars and wild stage antics.

RIOT MONK return to Bucharest in triumph as Vice-Champions of Global Battle Of Bands (Romania) 2016. Get ready to rumble!

Special guests will be the inter-galactic "Astronomy" of THE WAX ROAD, all the way from Republica Moldova, whose potent blend of heavy hallucinogenic blues, swaggering hard rock and "Fire Of Unknown Origin" anthems will guarantee "Cultosaurus Erectus"!

THE WAX ROAD will be premiering in Bucharest and also launching their stunning debut album, "Rambler In The Dark".

Joining them on the "Stairway To The Stars" will be the fuzz-drenched "Secret Treaties" of local heroes, WOOLDOZER, who promise their trademark brand of psychedelic eloquence, sartorial elegance, "Tyranny And Mutation".

ROCK PE PAINE will be celebrating over three years of "Cities On Flame With Rock'n'Roll" and launching their third compilation album, this one featuring RIOT MONK, THE WAX ROAD, WOOLDOZER, CARDINAL and THE DIFFERENT CLASS, with a series of wild gigs across Romania. CD's will be available at all gigs.

So "Don't Fear The Reaper" and come and join our "Blue Oyster Cult" for a wild ride with "Dr.Music" and "The Great Sun Jester"!
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