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NEW RELEASE. Tony Adamo And The NY Commission. Sonic Henderson

Publicat in: 02.02.2017, 06:00AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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NEW RELEASE. Tony Adamo And The NY Commission. Sonic Henderson
My pal Tony (Roc) Adamo just CAN’T STOP putting together live raps that are KILLER!

He’s done just that on one of the songs from his upcoming album, titled “Sonic Henderson”, & shared the
YOUTUBE video with me a couple weeks back… this thing just RAWKS, folks, and the recording is flawless… I can hardly wait for the full album to review… besides his own “hip/spoken word”, Tony has stellar players with him – Mike Clark Drums/ Mike LeDonne Organ. Jack Wilkins Guitar, and they KICK IT – be sure & check it out, folks!” - Dick Metcalf 


I rarely review singles, but Tony Adamo is such a bowl of energy that anything he graces deserves extra attention. The single “Sonic Henderson” is from his upcoming full album due in March, but this one track is like a Lays Potato Chip of song; you just can’t stop at one.

Adamo writes the lyrics as he preaches, teaches, rhyming, timing, evangelizin’ and street corner prophesyin’ with an air tight team of all stars Mike Clark/dr-prod, Mike LeDonne/B3 and Jack Wilkins/g. Adamo sounds like the hip mc as he delivers a testimony to Joe Henderson’s music, attitude and style, while LeDonne’s finger-licking boogaloo swirls around Clark’s Fred Astaire tap dancing on the cymbals and Wilkins’ Grant Green guitar groove digs a deep rivulet that you won’t want to get out of. Adamo is so enthusiastic that you’ll want to grab every Henderson album within reach, as well as wait with baited breath for Adamo’s whole megillah. Get ready for some toe tapping! - by  

"Tony Adamo harkens back to a day that, for most modern listeners, never was: a time in the 50s and 60s when a small but influential cast of artists in jazz, poetry and movies oozed a dangerous, irresistible force that men admired and women wanted. The Rat Pack sort of had it, but for each Sinatra or Martin, there were hundreds of underground artists who lived more dangerously and closer to their creative edge. With jazz as the centerpiece, Adamo effortlessly visits this universe (“Just ride your thought on that groove…are you with me?”) where performers are “cats” that their fans “dig” or even “double dig”; where hipster artists “swing” with the beat, and music is a near religious experience for those immersed naturally or through chemical" —SOULTRACKS

Tony Adamo Lyrics/Trip-Bop Spoken Word
Mike Clark Drums
Mike LeDonne Organ
Jack Wilkins Guitar
Produced By Drummer Mike Clark

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