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NEW RADIO. IPO Recordings

Publicat in: 22.11.2016, 06:34AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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NEW RADIO. IPO RecordingsIPO Recordings has started a proprietary “radio” offering of its catalog, focused principally on classic modern jazz, a period that has often been marginalized by the major labels.
IPO’s Bill Sorin stated that “We started IPO in 2004 to document the still brilliant playing of musicians representing ‘classic modern jazz,’ the period from bebop until modal and crossover styles came to dominate the music, who were often neglected by the major labels during important creative periods in their lives.  We focused on artists who were part of the first generation of classic modern jazz, who learned the music on the bandstand with people like Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie and Thad Jones, and who themselves made original contributions to the style.  Nine of the artists we’ve recorded have been elected Jazz Masters of the National Endowment for the Arts, the nation’s highest form of recognition in the field of jazz.  
“IPO reconstituted some of the great collaborations of this period, such as James Moody and Kenny Barron, and started some new ones, like Moody and Hank Jones.  We’ve also brought together groups of legendary players to celebrate great composers from the period, such as Thad Jones.  In many cases, the IPO releases represent the first (and only) recordings in which these artists have played together.  
“IPO’s approach has been to provide musicians with the best available recording venues, equipment and engineers, giving them the freedom to create without time constraints and with absolute minimum interference from non-musicians.  We’ve committed our resources to the studio rather than marketing, and for that reason have typically flown a little under the radar.
“The new radio portal provides listeners with access to the complete IPO catalog for streaming on any computer or mobile device, and offers them the ability to download any of our albums and individual tracks.  Listeners can set up their own playlists for both streaming and downloading, enabling them to create their own albums and arrange the music for any mood or setting.  It’s a great way to sample our catalog and create a personal library.”
The IPO website address is 

The “Radio” tab gives access to the new service and instructions for its use.  Jonas Music Services has been instrumental in designing and implementing the IPO website and the new radio portal.
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