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NEW DIGITAL RELEASE. Ty. Baby Love (Feat. Seanie T) - Brotherhood Soundtrack

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Etichete: Baby Love, Brotherhood Soundtrack, Seanie T, Ty
NEW DIGITAL RELEASE. Ty. Baby Love (Feat. Seanie T) - Brotherhood Soundtrack
Artist:  Ty
Title:  Baby Love (Feat. Seanie T) - Brotherhood Soundtrack
Genre:  Hip-Hop
Format:  Download
Release Date:  September 2016


If you’ve been a fan of UK hip-hop & Reggae over the past ten years then you know about Seanie T. His distinctive vocals have blessed too many big tunes, and he’s been spitting fire since before puberty.

He first cut his teeth with an Ilford based sound called Papa Stylee after feeling the traditional younger’s frustration at being left out when his older brother and sister used to go to blues dances. These were the days of lover’s rock, and, of course, the sound system. Coxsone, Saxon and Unity were his favourites.

He then formed a crew of similarly irritated younger’s. But Seanie was the only one trusted to chat on the big man sound.  At just twelve years old, he used to sneak into dances where the older soundmen would hide him behind the big wardrobe speakers that they had just finished rigging up. He would end up having to stay there for hours to avoid the bouncers who were always on the lookout for anyone underage.

When the dance was busy and bubbling, it was Sean’s time to shine and he would get up onstage and murder the dance. Once the owners saw the impact he was making, they soon stopped worrying about his age.

Hip-hop had yet to make an impact on Sean. The video - Kool Moe Dee’s How Ya Like Me Now, helped Sean to realise he could mess with hip-hop. When he heard the lyrics of groups like Public Enemy his brain (as well as his loins) was stirred. He then started going “not in a 100 per cent hip-hip direction. But I had more of a appreciation for it.”

His appreciation grew further when Seanie began touring with the long running, well renowned, play Black Heroes In The Hall of Fame. Especially seeing as he had to rap throughout the play.

“After I went for the audition they said ‘alright this is a rap ting.’ So I said ‘alright I’m gonna incorporate my style and everything in it, ‘cos I’m more bashy.’ ”

After this episode Seanie went about putting the finishing touches to the style that has been serving him well for years. He christened it the W.I.L.D style. West Indian London Dialect. With the sound system days beginning to come to an end, he became ever more hip-hop minded as part of a crew called New Teas-Da-Ment. As the 90s progressed, Seanie began working and touring with Black Twang and all of the bigger heads of the UK scene such as Rodney P and Roots Manuva. Along the way he appeared on albums like Dettwork Southeast and Brand New Second Hand. A few years after that, his debut single S.O.S (Same Ol’ Sean) was a big hit. It’s still a firm favourite.

His mixtapes The Sun Sets At 6AM and Darker Dayz kept his name bubbling in the UK while he was spending extended periods in Germany as part of The Sam Ragga Band, who were signed to Warner.

As the ninetys wore on, The Blacknificent Seven was another notable project that featured the cream of the crop of the UK scene. Rodney P, Roots Manuvas, Estelle, Karl Hinds, Skeme and Jeff3 all joined forces for the classic Ridin’ Thru Da Underground.

He has another live band project in the works. Dutty funk is the new genre. It’s a mixture of bashment and p-funk and Sean fronts a six piece band. But it’s on the low for the moment. So lookout for that.

Seanie also has a song on the movie  ‘Fast Girls’ called ‘Striving’ with an artiste named Tor

2011 he released the album Scribes Of A Versitilian, which is set to cement Seanie’s name amongst another generation of lyric heads.

Some songs stick to the 16 bar norm but on other tunes Seanie lets his mind spray and there’s no telling how many jewels you might get hit with.

The first single Move Ya Shoulder is some higher-level bashy hip-hop full of the style and lyrical wizardry that you would come to expect from an artist of Seanie’s calibre.

Producers on the album include Seanie himself, Keith Lawrence, Chemo from Speakers Corner and Dark Joint. Move Ya Shoulder is produced by Sean’s Dutch bredrin Eric from Sircus productions.

2012 saw Seanie touring with Roots Manuva, taking the festivals by storm! Loving every minute of it!

Seanie is currently finishing his latest album which is being produced in Hamburg, Germany with producer Dj Suro aka Pitch & Scratch

BUT. while finishing his album he was approached by the legendary Dub Pistols Band, yes Barry Ashworth himself to tour Europe. Since the european tour Seanie has recorded for the Dub Pistols new album scheduled to be released 2015 called ‘The Return of the Pistolaros’

Right now Seanie T is working on the his new solo album & working on a Dub pistols new album, also running his own sound system called ‘Stylee Media’ from east London.  



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