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NEW RELEASE. ¡YO! Jim Self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band

Publicat in: 10.10.2016, 03:40AM
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NEW RELEASE. ¡YO! Jim Self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band

¡YO! Jim Self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band (Featuring the Music of Francisco Torres)



Jim Self: Tuba/Fluba
Francisco Torres: Trombone
Ron Blake: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Rob Hardt: Tenor and Soprano Saxes/Flute
Andy Langham: Piano
Rene Camacho: String Bass
Joey De Leon: Timbales, Batá, Shekere
Giancarlo Anderson: Congas
George Ortiz: Bongos


Jim Self, a veteran L. A. Studio Musician on over 1500 movie scores, has released his 13th solo CD (that was his tuba that projected those ve galactic tones as the Voice of Mothership in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”). His Innerplay CD was a Jazz Times top 50 in 2005, and the 2006 Downbeat Critics Poll recognized him as a “Rising Star”.

For this one he has brought together a “who’s who” of young West Coast Latin Jazz Musicians (most of whom are on the great Poncho Sanchez Band). Foremost is trombonist/composer/arranger Francisco Torres who produced and wrote much of the music.

The CD and song title came from a search for Jim’s last name in Spanish. To his amazement, Self is translated as Yo (ego). In Hollywood the word is a greeting or acknowledgement between studio musicians, as in “Yo cats”.

The tunes include originals by Jim and Francisco, and four Latin Jazz standards – a mix of Mambos, Cha Chas, an Afro 6/8, and a Bolero. Outstanding solos are by Ron Blake and Jim Self on Cal’s Pals, Rob Hardt and Andy Langham on Sweetest Blue, Francisco Torres on Quiero Llegar and For Charlie. Bassist Rene Camacho and percussionists Joey De Leon, Giancarlo Anderson and George Ortiz are the heartbeat of this wonderful band. And wait ‘til you hear the FLUBA! (Encognito and Morning)

From Jim:

In the back of my mind, I always wanted to play in an Afro-Cuban band, but that world is not a place where you would expect to see or hear a tuba. In the late 80s, I got to tour Japan with the Marty Paichm Dektette and Mel Torme, recording 2 CDs in the process. Afterward I created a seven-piece jazz group – the Tricky Lix Band. Carl Jefferson released our CD on the Concord label. This CD uses the same horns and an authenic Latin rhythm section.

Latin Jazz is upbeat, happy and full of love and life. All of the guys in the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band are great jazz soloists, and I am honored get to play with them. They made me an honorary Latino! ¡YO! 

1. Cal’s Pals – 6:27 – Comp. Eddie Cano, Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Ron Blake, Jim Self, Rob Hardt (Tenor),
Joey De Leon

2. Poinciana – 4:35 – Comp. Nat Simon, Arr. Curt Berg Solo: Jim Self (Tuba)

3. For Charlie – 5:00 – Comp. & Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Francisco Torres, Jim Self, Giancarlo Anderson

4. Encognito – 6:30 – Comp. Jim Self, Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Ron Blake, Jim Self (Fluba)

5. Sweetest Blue – 5:54 – Comp. & Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Rob Hardt (Soprano), Andy Langham,
Joey De Leon (Bata)

6. Quiero Llegar – 5:37 – Comp. & Arr. Francisco Torres Solo: Francisco Torres 
¡YO! – 6:10 – Comp. Jim Self, Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Jim Self, Andy Langham, George Ortiz
8.Old Arrival – 6:14 – Comp. Tito Puente, Arr. Francisco Torres Solos: Francisco Torres, Andy Langham, All 3 Percussionists
Morning – 6:29 – Comp. Clare Fischer, Arr. Bill Cunlie Solos: Rob Hardt (Flute) Jim Self (Fluba),

Dog Tags – :06 Solo: Stanley the Basset Hound

“Jim Self has brought a fresh new approach to Latin Jazz with his tuba. Very seldom do you hear this combination in jazz, much less Latin Jazz. If you love good music, you’ll love this.”

—Poncho Sanchez, Latin Jazz Legend

“You want ‘tasty’, check out the head on ‘Poinciana’

and Jim’s incredible playing throughout this trend- setting recording. I LOVE it.”

—R. Winston Morris, Tuba Legend

Jim Self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band ¡YO!
Basset Hound Records
114-2 Category: Jazz (Latin)

Street Date: June 3, 2016

Produced by Francisco Torres and Jim Self Recorded and Mixed by Talley Sherwood

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