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NEW TOUR. JOE KING CARRASCO. Tex-Mex rock and roll

Publicat in: 05.09.2016, 06:35AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Joe King Carrasco, Tex-mex Rock And Roll
NEW TOUR. JOE KING CARRASCO. Tex-Mex rock and roll

USA Tex mex
European tour 5 - 27 september 2016

Known as the King of Tex-Mex rock and roll, Joe King Carrasco, creates a stylistic borderland of pop rock and Latin rhythms. His cross-cultural stew blends cumbias, vamp, salsa, surf, reggae, blues and Latin-tinged polkas. With over 23 albums to his name, Joe went back to the studio with Grammy nominated and multi-award winner producer, Rick Del Castillo, in 2015 and recorded ‘Chiliando’, a quintessential album packed full of Tex-Mex infused roots rock and blues.
In his late teens, he was often lured to the beaches in Southern Mexico and was drawn to the Mexican music. Back in Texas he joined up with future members of the Texas Tornados and formed a band known as Joe King Carrasco & El Molino and in 1978 released his 1st LP titled “Tex-Mex Rock & Roll”.  Somehow this record made its way to England and was re-released by Big Beat Records.
In 1979, he formed Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns featuring Vox organ-driven Tex-Mex pop. The Crowns, released their first single, “Party Weekend”, and the label chase began and soon the band was playing chic New York venues and generating lines around the block. The band became one of the first American groups signed to England's legendary Stiff Records who sent them through Europe on the Sons of Stiff Tour. Joe rounded out his assault on the International music scene with an in-depth interview in Rolling Stone Magazine and an appearance performing his music on Saturday Night Live. 
Through the years, fans have always been impressed by the high energy Joe King Carrasco brings to the show with antics such as climbing up onto the speakers, taking leaps off the drum rise and closing the gap between him and the audience by taking his guitar through the crowd and climbing onto tables and bars without missing a beat. There were times when he amazed everyone by climbing above the audience and doing a full flip landing on the audience.
In 2003, Joe King Carrasco was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame and in 2012 Joe was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame for a second time with his band The Crowns. The Academy of Texas Music awarded Joe King Carrasco a Lifetime Achievement Award in March of 2012, and he gave them a taste of his endless energy when he played as the closing act at the award ceremonies running through the audience only to end up back on stage taking a leap from the 4 foot drum rise while still playing his guitar. In March of 2013, Joe was honored with the Entertainer of the Year Award by the Academy of Texas Music.
Joe King Carrasco continues to tour and record. In his spare time you can find him exploring the twisty Mexican back roads from Coahuila all the way to Chiapas, chasing down good inspirations for another Tex-Mex song and looking for the perfect desolate beach to hang out with his dogs.

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