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NEW RELEASE. Kourosh Yaghmaei. Malek Jamshid

Publicat in: 22.07.2016, 07:19AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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NEW RELEASE. Kourosh Yaghmaei. Malek Jamshid

Artist: Kourosh Yaghmaei

Title:  Malek Jamshid

Label: Now-Again

Genre: Iranian Psyche/Rock

“I believe that in an unjust battle, to stand tall is better than to surrender.”

Iranian rock godfather Kourosh Yaghmaei’s latest album, banned in his own country, is released to the world at last. 

Kourosh’s seminal visions of 70s Iranian Rock graduated from Western music found scanning the radio. Teaching himself guitar and joining a group on the back of hearing the likes of The Ventures on the airwaves, his headline band, of which his brothers were members, would garner great success in its Western-meets-traditional formula until the Iranian Revolution of 1979. 

Left without permission to perform, Kourosh was effectively banned from playing in Iran for decades. “People in Iran know me as the master, the pioneer and the king of modern and rock music. But in protest against cultural deletion, censorship, and the physical and mental tortures of the government, I was forced into the decision of not releasing my works in my homeland indefinitely.”

His international appearances also limited, it was only in the 1990s where his albums recorded during and shortly after the Revolution, were finally freed to the world. The 2011 release of ‘Back to the Brink’, highlighting his career throughout the 1970s, brought a collection of lapsed works to a widescale audience.

“It is impossible to summarize the irreparable damages and the rubble of adversity that has crumbled on me, my family and especially on my homeland in the past 37 years. Walking through such cruelty - terrifying hell-like obstacles – would not be believable to others. This dark age of culture cannot be described in a few lines: there should be books written about it. Musicians were harassed and beaten in the streets, their instruments broken by boots. In just a few hours, myself, a leading popular artist in Iranian society, was shown to be anti-culture, a perverted person.

Questions about the difficulties in releasing this album emphasize systematic censorship, cultural deletion and even cultural self-destruction at a state level. They highlight the thoughts of the media and a society hit by crisis, in which no voice of clear protest is heard in the world.

“This doesn't mean I will stop working, and I will have a new album every a few years ready to present to my country.”


Key To Miaei? (When Do You Come?)

Harfaye Abi (The Blue Words)

Ghatar (Train)

Chamedoon (Suitcase)

Poshte Oun Dar (Behind That Door)

Panahandeh (Refugee)

Nowruz (Iranian New Year)

Safar (Journey)

Malek Jamshid (King Jamshid)

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