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2016.AUG.19. AB. RYMA. DBE. BLACKHEARTS screening

Publicat in: 11.07.2016, 11:25AM
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2016.AUG.19. AB. RYMA. DBE. BLACKHEARTS screening
BLACKHEARTS will have its Romanian premiere August 19 at the Dark Bombastic Evening festival. This will be a very special outdoor screening at Ryma in Alba Iulia, and the filmmakers will attend the screening. Here is more about the festival: http://www.darkbombasticevening.com/
The award-winning documentary examines the global reach of Norwegian black metal, but it is no traditional “music documentary” and is aimed at a wide audience exploring themes like expectations, identity and ambition. The film follows three fans of Norwegian black metal from vastly different cultures. Sina from Iran, Héctor from Colombia, and Kaiadas from Greece all jump at the opportunity to play at a metal festival in Norway, a country that has deeply influenced their lives because of its ties to black metal. For many foreigners, Norway still has a dark and mysterious aura because of the headlines spawned by church burnings, murders and grave desecrations 25 years ago, but in Norway the artists of this genre have left this criminal past behind, and black metal has become as benign as any other genre, guesting the talk shows and topping the charts.
BLACKHEARTS takes its audience deep into the minds, hearts and private lives of its characters. It explores how a music scene develops across religious, cultural and political lines – and provides comic relief on the things humans say, think and do when hijacked by passion.

BLACKHEARTS had its international premiere in Chicago in April, and has festival screenings in Norway, USA, Portugal, Finland, Colombia, Australia, Sweden, South-Africa and more. In the Autumn it will be screened on TV in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Israel, and is set for worldwide release on DVD and VOD in late 2016.
The film was financed by the Norwegian Film Institute, The Arts Council Of Norway, VGTV, DR and The Freedom Of Speech Foundation among others.

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