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Jenna Glatt. Wake Up

Publicat in: 29.08.2016, 06:06AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Human Interaction, Jenna Glatt, Wake Up
 Jenna Glatt. Wake Up
Clipul săptămânii 35/2016
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Jenna GlattWake Up


Video by Zachary Spence, Capital Arts Productions
Filmed in Ottawa, ON CANADA (CANCON/MAPL)
Make-Up by Stephanie Jones
@jennaglatt (Instagram)

WAKE UP is both current and socially relevant and provides a strong and positive message about technology and the importance of human interaction. 

The driving rhythms in Wake Up actively engage the listener and send a very clear message that people are losing touch with reality by “hiding their emotions behind a screen”. This “generation” is increasingly becoming disengaged from one another as if being “infected by a virus taking over the world” putting everyone in a “comatose” state. Rather than acting like “fools” and just “waiting for the wire to wake up”, we need to “fight it”, regain “peace of mind”, and discover that “human interaction makes the world go round”. A call to action for this and future generations!
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