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2016.IUL.29-30. DE. Balver Höhle. Prophecy Fest

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2016.IUL.29-30. DE. Balver Höhle. Prophecy Fest

Prophecy Fest takes place in a natural cave from old stone age - Balver Höhle. According to Germanic Saga, the blacksmith Wieland had his workshop in the cave.

Balve, Germany, is situated between Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hannover.

Prophecy Fest will take place on July 29th and July 30th, 2016.

Since the last Prophecy Fest mailing we have been able to organize two more highly attractive items on the agenda: already on Thursday (July 28) there will be a concert evening of our friends of the Trollmusic label as an opening event. On Saturday morning there will be a performance of Wöljager's music theatre play(!) "Vom Leben und Sterben". Here the exact running order of the full event:

Thursday, July 28 (Hönnetalhalle, Balve):
19.00 Trollmusic concert evening
Alvenrad / Mirna's Fling / The Good Hand

Friday, July 29 (Balver Höhle, Balve):
15.20 Hekate
17.10 Germ
18.30 Les Discrets
20.15 Iron Mountain
21.45 Secrets of the Moon
23.30 Helrunar

Saturday, July 30 (Hönnetalhalle, Balve)
11.00 Wöljager (music theatre, seated)

Saturday, July 30 (Balver Höhle):
13.50 Völur
15.10 Bohren & der Club Of Gore
16.50 Antimatter
18.30 GlerAkur
20.00 Alcest
21.50 Sol Invictus
23.20 Vemod

Apart from that each attendee will receive an exclusive hardcover programme (format: 18x18 cm, 72 pages) with 2(!) audio CDs and a DVD for free! Please find attached the book cover with an illustration of Fursy Teyssier, the art director of this year's Prophecy Fest. Here the track lists of the DVD and CDs:

Live DVD "Prophey Fest 2015"
1. Crone - Perfect Army
2. Lifelover - Mitt Öppna Öga
3. Amber Asylum - Autonomy Suite
4. Camerata Mediolanense - Canzone All'Italia
5. Darkher - Hollow Veil
6. Empyrium - The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence
7. Tenhi - Uuvu Oravan Luu
8. Vemod - Ikledd Evighetens Kappe

1. Germ - An Overdose On Cosmic Galaxy
2. Alcest - Percées De Lumière
3. GlerAkur - Can't You Wait
4. Iron Mountain - Enthralldom
5. Antimatter - Leaving Eden
6. Les Discrets - Virée Nocturne 
7. Bohren & der Club Of Gore - Prowler

1. Völur - Es wächst aus seinem Grab
2. Secrets Of The Moon - Man Behind The Sun
3. Helrunar - Magdeburg brennt
4. Vemod - Venter På Stormene
5. Wöljager - Up'n Likwäg
6. Sol Invictus - Kneel To The Cross
7. Hekate - Die Sonne im Geiste

For further information on Prophecy Fest and ticket pre-sale, please check http://en.prophecy.de/prophecy-fest/.

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