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Eliza Shaddad. War

Publicat in: 15.02.2016, 06:54AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Eliza Shaddad, War
Eliza Shaddad. War
Clipul săptămânii 7/2016
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Eliza SheddadWars



London singer and songwriter Eliza Shaddad recorded her guttural song "Wars" after performing it at gigs, and hearing it evolve over time in front of a live audience. "We were playing it live as a band and it was getting louder and grungier and crashier each time and it felt so good that when it came to recording I just wanted it to kind of implode," she says. "Lyrically it’s about fighting to hold something in, and I think musically we’ve created something that really supports that – ethereal, almost eerily controlled vocals gliding over a bed of increasingly rolling turmoil. Best unleashed loud.”

She'll be playing in London's Seabright Arms on Mar.31st 

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