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Dario G

Publicat in: 07.12.2015, 07:11AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Dario G, Paul Spencer
Dario G
Dario G (real name Paul Spencer)
is one of the world’s finest producers and DJs.
For almost 2 decades he has become well known for his dance/pop songs, which became chartbreakers in many countries all over the world.

His first breakthrough came in the commercial music scene with the first single "Sunchyme" in 1997. The anthemic piano theme, euphoric steel drums and uplifting ethnic female choir blended perfectly to make this song one of his biggest hits. It charted at #2 (behind the most successful single of all time "Candle In The Wind") in 14 countries including the UK and Switzerland, while peaking at #3 in Germany and #4 in Austria. In addition, it also reached #1 of US Billboard Club Play Charts. The success of this song has barely decreased since.

In 1998, Dario G followed immediately with the follow-up single "Carnaval de Paris", which became the Unofficial Anthem of the Football World Cup in France that year. This new single hit the upper reaches of charts again (peaking at #2 in Germany and #5 in UK to name but a few). The huge support of "Carnaval de Paris" at football games, through to live global TV audiences all over the world (including a memorable 8 year tie up with FORD motor cars), Dario G achieved even greater international attention. 

After his debut album "Sunmachine" in the same year (including the singles "Sunchyme", "Carnaval de Paris", "Sunmachine" (featuring vocals from David Bowie) & "Voices" (which appeared TWICE on the Hollywood blockbuster film "The Beach"), Dario G released his second album "In Full Colour" with the lead single "Dream To Me" in 2001. Once again, he established another hit in the European charts: it reached #9 in Germany, #8 in Austria and #9 in UK, while peaking at #2 on the German radio chart that summer.

After five high-flying years, Dario G decided to take a break at the peak of his career to spend time with his new family, returning again in 2010 with the single "Game On". It featured R&B shooting star Pitbull and was chosen to be the Official Mascot Song of 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The Dario G classic football anthems were played proud and loud thoughout Brazil 2014 while France 2016 will see attention locked onto his anthems over and over again. This comes on the back of recording and releasing a brand new Dario G song "We Got Music" with the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey. There are many more brand new Dario G recordings with exciting collaborations already complete, while "Sunchyme" - the quintessential Ibiza holiday classic - still dominates clubs and radio waves across the world. His list of hits is long and strong and will continue for a very long time.

Dario G continues to be one of the World's finest DJs and performers. Performances across the globe include his own iconic hits tied together to many of a similar status. Club and festival appearances of late include headlining "Sporting Trnava's" Stadium opening ceremony in Slovakia, the UK's  Kendall Calling as well becoming the very first artist to headline DJ on the main stage at Chris Evans' Car-Fest.

Melody, passion and vibe are top of Dario G's list. Throw in some exciting rhythms and sunshine hooks and you're sure to have a good time...
He Got Music!
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